Don’t see what you need? Contact your small business consultant and we will put you in touch with a professional to help you or provide you with a quote from our company to do the work. Please use the Contact Us page for requests.

Some clients have contacted their small business consultant to create a business plan for their business. This is essential to plan for the survival and growth of your business. Also, many financial institutions and landlords will require it.

Some of our most popular small business consultant requests are conducting Webex meetings to consult with you on issues within your company. We even offer online remote computer training for up to 10 of your employees at a time in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. What makes us different is that we don’t waste your employees’ time on theory and things they will never use. Instead, your small business consultant and trainer will focus on teaching them how to use the programs for your business! In Excel they typically teach how to create worksheets for expenses, inventory, monthly budgets, contacts for your customers/clients, and suppliers. Best of all, your small business consultant will customize the training for you! Word often covers creating Agreements, Contracts, and Flyers. Since the training uses Webex everyone is safe and can attend the training from anywhere – even home! PowerPoint training is outstanding if you need to create that professional presentation in a hurry. eSuccessLink’s small business consultant will cut through the red tape!

If this sounds like something you need, please complete the “Contact Us” form with as much detail as possible and your eSuccessLink small business consultant will contact you to give you ideas and a quote.

Most of our small business clients tell us that they don’t want to sit in a college classroom to hear how to do things they will never use like writing a paper in APA format! They also don’t want tests, homework, and quizzes. Your time is too valuable to waste it with nonsense! Let us make technology work for you so you can work smarter, not harder!

Most importantly, we are here to help you succeed!