This library was designed with you in mind . . . the small business owner! We have documents, links to government web sites, and webinars, to help survive and thrive!  Simply click on the link and it will take you to the materials.  Enjoy!

The Psychology of Stress
The Expert in You
The Money Mindset
Pursue Your Passion
Planting The Seeds
Productivity Plus
Outsource Your Business
Motivation Made Simple
My First Internet Business
More Time More Money
Managing Moods
Destiny, Purpose, and Your Future
Living On Purpose
Big Book of Home Business Lead Generation
Beginners Online Business Handbook
Your Guide to Starting a Business
What You Need To Know About Naming Your Business
Why Start Your Own Business
Thinking Of Starting A Business
Trademarks and Service Marks
Seminars To Boost Your Business
Do You Have A Business Or A Hobby
EIN And State Tax IDs
Creating A Successful Sales Letter
12 Steps To Starting A Business


Is a web site right for you?

Owning and Managing a Business with Ethics!

Surviving a Pandemic

Microsoft Excel 1

Microsoft Excel 2

Microsoft Excel 3

Microsoft Excel 4 Creating an Expenses Worksheet

Microsoft Excel 5 Creating IDs and Passwords Worksheet

Microsoft Excel 6 Creating a Monthly Budget

Microsoft Excel 7 Creating an Annual Budget

Microsoft Excel 8 Creating a Contacts Worksheet

Microsoft Excel 9 Creating a “To Do” Worksheet on Steroids!

Microsoft 10 Sort and Filter

Microsoft Excel 11 Putting it all together!